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Now FREE Under the Step Up for Students Scholarship for Kindergarten Children

New Mirawood Academy (home of Center for Literacy Arts and Sciences – a 501c(3) organization) now offers a quality Kindergarten program.

  • Small class sizes
  • Certified teachers
  • Private School Environment
  • Free Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Snack
  • Pleasant, inviting, comfortable classrooms
  • McKay and Step-Up For Students Scholarships accepted

The kindergarten experience prepares students for the formal academic schedule of first grade. This is one of the most important years in every student’s educational development. The program is specially designed to prepare these four and five year olds for the challenges they will face upon entering elementary school. The kindergarten teacher provides diverse activities and exercises focused on stimulating these young minds for learning.

The low student-teacher ratio allows students to succeed in reaching his or her full potential. The small work groups are important parts of the kindergarten experience at New Mirawood and are useful in assisting teachers in identifying areas of strength and areas for development.

Additionally, each child is guided into math and reading exercises in order to establish a strong academic foundation, which is essential to later school success.

The tested traditional phonics-based approach to reading successfully prepares students to succeed as they begin to do more writing and use their verbal skills effectively.

During the kindergarten year at New Mirawood Academy, the class also focuses on language arts as they continue to further develop reading, writing, and grammar skills.

Through a variety of academic, social, artistic, and physical, activities, the kindergarten program enhances your child’s natural curiosity, creative expression, and passion for learning. This helps to develop students who are respectful, well rounded, responsible, and independent.

The program places focus on the development of these young minds, motor skills, and social abilities. The kindergarten experiences at New Mirawood Academy are all within an environment conducive to students’ academic success and growth.

Furthermore, the kindergarten program incorporates interesting learning units in art, science and social studies, which present students wide exposure to the world around them.